~ This information is for guidance only and is not to be considered legal advice ~

Marriage License Requirements in Indiana/Michigan/Illinois

Both the bride and groom must appear in person at the time of applying for your marriage license.


Indiana ~ Drivers license or identification card or other id showing current address and date of birth.

Michigan ~Picture ID such as a driver’s license. You should know your Social Security numbers.

Illinois ~ Valid U.S. Driver’s License OR Valid U.S. state identification card OR Valid U.S. passport OR Valid U.S. military identification card OR Valid Illinois Department of Public Aid card
~I would advise bringing a certified copy of your birth certificate as some counties require it if you are under the age of 30.~


Indiana ~ Residents must apply in the county in which one of them lives.

Michigan ~ You do not have to be a resident of Michigan.

Illinois ~ Non-residents cannot obtain a marriage license if said marriage would be void in their state.

Waiting Period

Indiana ~ No waiting period.

Michigan ~ 3 days. The county clerk can waive the 3 day waiting period for “good and sufficient cause shown.”

Illinois ~ 1 day

Previous Marriages

Indiana ~You will need to know how the marriages ended (death, divorce, annulment) and the month and year the marriages ended. A few counties require a copy of the divorce decree if divorced within the last two years.

Illinois ~ If either of the parties is previously divorced they must provide final divorce papers signed by the judge.


Indiana ~ Indiana residents: $18 to apply for the license, $2 for official license copy; residents of other states/countries: $60.
Must be paid in cash. Personal checks not accepted.

Michigan ~ $20 for residents, and $30 for non-residents. $15.00 of it is allocated for family counseling services. Wayne County is authorized to charge more. A probate court may waive the marriage license fee in cases of undue hardship.

Illinois ~ Varies depending on County. $15 – $30. Must be paid in cash.

Blood Tests

No tests required for Indiana, Michigan or Illinois

Under 18

Please contact your local county clerks office.

Cousin Marriages

Indiana ~ Permitted when both individuals are at least sixty-five (65) years of age.

Illinois ~ Permitted when both individuals are at least fifty (50) years of age.

Same Sex Marriages

Indiana ~ effective October 6, 2014

Illinois ~ effective  June 1, 2014

Kentucky ~ effective June 26, 2015

Michigan ~ effective June 26, 2015


Indiana ~License is valid for 60 days and can only be used within the State of Indiana.

Michigan ~ License is valid for 33 days. The license can only be used within the State of Michigan.

Illinois ~ License is valid for 60 days from the date it was issued. A license issued in Cook County CANNOT be used in any other county or state.

For more detailed information contact your local county clerk’s office.