Often marriage is viewed as the union of two persons. In reality, marriage is much broader. It is always a joining of families.

We are, in fact, all members of one family, God’s family. Recognition of Children As part of the family nature of this marriage we recognize child(ren)’s importance.

Presentation of gifts to children (this/these, pendants/rings/lapel pins) we pledge to you, child/children our continuing love even as we surround you with our arms of support.

Reading from THE PROPHET “…You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

“We give thanks, O Lord, for the relationship here celebrated. In your presence we are humbled by the recognition that today we face a new future, one which love has unfolded and is unfolding before our very eyes

It is my pleasure to present to you Bride and Groom in their new relationship as husband and wife and their child(ren).



Invite children forward.

I have pledged my love to you and promised to be a faithful husband. Now I want to add another, different kind of vow. I promise to love Child(ren) for all of our days and to treat them as if they were my own. I gladly accept the obligations that go along with this pledge. I love Child(ren) and want them to be part of my life.



Children please come forward.

This child/These children presented to us all here today is a/are very special child(ren), he/she/they are special because he/she/they are being united into a family unit once again. Man and woman together make up along with children a family unit and give balance to each other, from and to each other.

I now ask Groom and Bride to acknowledge that together you both will support and love this/these child/children and bring them up as true and honest children and adults into this world.

(Response from both parents) We will.



Will the children please come forward.

Children are a part of living and of life and one of the major aspects of becoming married is to share your future, Groom and Bride with these your children Child(ren)’s.

All Children need guidance and fortitude in becoming citizens of the world and with this in view, I now ask Groom and Bride to please repeat these vows together after me.

We both promise to you Child(ren)’s that we will love you and respect your needs as we go through life as a family. We also promise that we will offer you guidance, strength and fortitude, whenever and wherever these are needed. Today we are all joined together as one family and we will face the future together.

We now present these gifts to you and ask that you will remember this special day with love and affection.



Children please step forward.

Children from another relationship that for whatever reason has ceased to be, presents a challenge for one or both parents and comes with very special and unique challenges.

(Birth parent): Child(ren) we have been together now for a long time and we have become part of one another’s life and that will not alter in this new family relationship. What will alter is that instead of one parent you will now have two people to support and guide you. I love you now and will always love you.

(Future parent): Child(ren) I promise to you today that I will be of support to you, so that as a family unit we will become stronger and more united. Just as Birth parent has been with you and loved you, so shall I love and care for you.