(This ceremony needs added elements to be complete).

Love is a miraculous gift, and a wedding is a celebration of that magic, and that’s what we’re here to do today. We are gathered together to be overjoyed for and with Bride and Groom who are so wonderfully suited to one another that it’s a pure delight for the rest of us to see how ebulliently happy two people can be.

When we think of love we sometimes talk about people who “deserve” one another. Not only do Bride and Groom deserve one another, but they are a perfect match, a pair, a fit, two hybrid peas in a pod; and their marriage, far from being something they have had to work hard to achieve, was pure inevitability. They were given to one another and fell so deeply in love that they had no choice.

They are the embodiment of true romance which, matured, becomes true love. They are the example of love that in its lightheartedness dissolves the notion of love as hard work. They are the promise of possibility, the expectation of joyful surprise. So, hooray! We’re here to celebrate, to honor, to laugh, to dance, and to be glad because the inevitable has happened. Love is alive and well in the land Bride and Groom are here to prove it, and we are here to celebrate with them.

Angels and all good beings, join with us on this happy day and let this be a day of gladness, thanksgiving, possibility, and great good fortune for all of us, but especially for Bride and Groom, who are coming together to demonstrate the wonder of love through the celebration of their marriage.

We all live in the hope of loving and being loved, and any sign of the blossoming of love is a true inspiration. Therefore we give thanks for the sweet happiness of Bride and Groom. Their enthusiasm is electric, their belief in the destiny of their love is inspiring; their great expectations encourage us beyond measure.

Marriage is a very special place, the sheltered environment in which we can endlessly explore ourselves in the presence of another and in which we can offer the possibility of the true reflection of another. We are so happy that Bride and Groom have found one another, that they know in their souls how perfectly mated they are, and that they are choosing on this day of most special days to become for all time the accurate and beautiful reflection of each other’s essence. We ask that the vision they have of one another be always informed by the spellbinding radiant power that first brought them together, and we pray that as they move into the hallowed ground that is marriage they may always hold one another in the light of all light, the love of all love.